Olivia Wilde Teases Fanboys with Nudity in Cowboys and Aliens

This isn’t really news, but since it’s about an attractive celebrity and the word “nude” is used with justification, it should be good for some decent perv traffic. Anyways, according to “Cowboys and Aliens” co-stars Olivia Wilde and Adam Beach in the Toronto Sun (via SuperheroHype), Wilde recently shot a scene on Jon Favreau’s genre-bending “Cowboys and Aliens” where she had to go nude in front of “group of couple hundred Apache”.

Or, according to Beach:

We just finished shooting Olivia Wilde naked in front of a bonfire in front of 500 Apache warrior. That was beautiful. You won’t get to see what I saw, but you’ll get a glimpse.

Obviously you won’t see a whole lot by the time the film lands in theaters. My guess is that “Cowboys and Aliens”, with its silly cowboys and Indians fighting aliens plot, will be PG-13 at the most. Favreau has already proven he can deliver great action movies without resorting to an R-rating.

Of course, if you really wanted to see Olivia Wilde nude onscreen, there are plenty to sample from out there. She hasn’t exactly been shy about climbing into her birthday suit for her art. There’s that role in “Alpha Dog”, for instance, and some choice bikini shots in “Turistas”. Heck, you’ll probably see more Olivia Wilde skin in one of her “House” episodes than you’re liable to see in “Cowboys and Aliens”.

Just saying.