Olivia Wilde Thinks Playing Lara Croft Would be Awesome

With a reboot script currently being written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby of “Iron Man” and “Children of Men” fame, trying to guess who will play Lara Croft aka the Tomb Raider babe herself is probably way too early. But the oft-mentioned fanboy fantasy casting pretty much comes down to either Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde, with Wilde taking the lead now that Fox has, well, pretty much gone down the crapper in terms of career.

Speaking to MTV, Wilde addressed the rumors:

Take note: she says that “as far as I know right now, I’m not playing Lara Croft”, which translates to: “No one has offered me the gig yet.”

But she had prefaced that by calling the idea of her playing Lara Croft, “So awesome”, which is like saying, “Someone make me an offer already!”

So what are you waiting for, GK Films? You’re not going to get a hotter actress out there right now, in terms of both looks and career. Sign the girl up already!

Olivia Wilde in Deadfall (2012) Movie Image