OMG It’s Hot Girls in Scary Places

Seriously. That’s the title of the show. Hot Girls in Scary Places. They’re not just USC cheerleaders, they’re also ghost hunters! Or actually, they’re honest to goodness USC cheerleaders (or cheer squad members, since apparently there is a difference) who must spend the night at an abandoned (and haunted, we’re told) hospital for a cash prize of $10,000. Obviously they’re not doing this for the money, as no one who goes on reality TV shows do, especially shows on the E! Channel, where reality is as “real” as my imaginary girlfriend from Canada, who I constantly talk about, but of course no one has ever seen. Cause, you know, she’s shy that way.

More about the show:

“They’re totally scared, and totally believe experiences they’re going through,” says executive producer Gary Auerbach. “They’ll get scared and then be talking about a sorority party coming up. It’s a little bit ‘Scooby Doo’-ish.”

“Hot Girls” will premiere as a special and is tentatively scheduled to air on Friday the 13th next month month (yes, March has one too). The project from Go Go Luckey (A&E’s “Paranormal State” and Animal Planet’s “Jockeys”) and it’s considered a special/backdoor pilot.

And the official press release:

Producers of “Laguna Beach” and “Paranormal State” are casting three hot friends to spend the night in a haunted location as a pilot for E! Networks.

There are a few things in life as exciting as experiencing the terror of investigating the paranormal and haunted places. Most who dare take on the spirit world are experienced paranormal warriors, who have prepped, studied and armed themselves for battle with the nether world.

Enter the HOT GIRLS armed with the latest in scientific paranormal equipment (and the hottest new shoes.) These cute girls take on the scariest, weirdest, and most bizarre situations with the best intentions to uncover the truth, give peace to the spirit and not to freak out and leave screaming.

Their mission a simple one: Investigate and look Fabulous doing it.

Each episode the girls will spend the night in a rumored haunted place surviving with only with their wits, energy bars, the latest in paranormal equipment.

The entire series will apparently just be about these three USC girls, with each new episode taking place at a different haunted locale. But I’m not sure about the cash prize aspect of it. Will they be paid $10,000 after every episode? The press release doesn’t even mention the money.

In any case, congrats, boys, you’ve finally found a reason to DVR something on the E! Channel.

Below: “Two Hot Girls And an Okay Looking Friend in Scary Places”?