OMG. That Harry Potter Chick and that Twilght Dude in the Same Movie?

Taylor Lautner hasn’t had to open a movie by his little lonesome yet, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from backing up the brink truck and dumping an obscene amount of cash onto the young man’s doorsteps. Hey, get’em while you can, right? I ain’t hatin’. With “Twilight Breaking Dawn”, the two final parts in the “Twilight” saga soon to wrap in 2011, studios are already hard at work trying to lure Lautner and his ridiculous teen abs over to their films. One film that is getting traction is “Incarceron”, based on Catherine Fisher’s series of young adult fantasy novels.

Lautner is already locked in for the male lead, a character who lives his entire life in a savage and futuristic prison society, and now the search is on for his female love interest. According to Deadline, there are currently three actresses on the short list to land the gig opposite Lautner: “Gossip Girl” and “Green Lantern” leading lady Blake Lively, rising actress Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone” and Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming “X-Men: First Class”), and “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson.

Let’s face it, if the studio has its way, it’ll kill a couple of grandmas to put Lautner in the same movie as Watson. They’re about the same age (she’s just a little older than him), and is a much better match than, say, Lively, who just acts/plays older than her 23 years. Lawrence could also work, but Watson and Lautner, two stars of mega fantasy franchises with huge teen followings, would be the absolute best case scenario for the studio, and they would be nuts to not do everything they can to make it happen.

Meanwhile, while he’s waiting for a leading lady, Lautner’s got “Stretch Armstrong” somewhere in the wings, is scheduled to do something called “The Bourne Identity for the next generation”, and if I’m not mistaken, will be paid a cool eight figures to show up at my hometown’s community play of “Oh! Calcutta”. Hey, it’s a living.

(I could be wrong about that last part.)