On Pins and Needles: Wu Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix

Knowing what a huge kung fu moron I am, a good friend of mine recently informed me about RZA’s upcoming martial arts epic “Wu Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix”, a movie that I am way beyond excited about. Back in the day (read: the mid-90’s), I was a huge follower of The Wu Tang Clan, and proudly pumped their albums in my cherry red Plymouth Horizon while tooling around the mean streets of Lexington. Since then, I’ve kept a close eye on anything produced by RZA, including the as-of-yet-unseen Bobby Digital movie, which continues to lurk within the murky shadows of mystery and speculation.

Unfortunately, there’s really not a lot of information surrounding “Wu Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix” to be found on the internet at the moment. However, with RZA’s 20-million dollar martial arts movie “The Man with the Iron Fists” getting the greenlight over at Universal, I’m hoping someone will give this potentially snazzy little effort the distribution it deserves. Until then, enjoy a pair of trailers for the forthcoming feature, as well as a preview of the aforementioned Bobby Digital flick.