Once Upon a Time in Vietnam English Trailer and DVD Release Date

Dustin Nguyen in Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013) Movie Image

If you’ve been waiting for Dustin Nguyen’s period martial arts asskicker “Once Upon a Time in Vietnam” like me, then this should be good news. After playing the festival circuit, the film is now coming Stateside — well, sort of. It’s getting a DVD release through Lionsgate, who has put out this new English trailer for the movie.

Alas, there will be no Blu-ray for the film, which is a bummer. Does anyone opt for DVD over a Blu-ray anymore? My dad does, but then again, he still watches VCD, so you know…

While on a mission to retrieve fugitives in Vietnam, Dao, a commander in the Emperor’s army, finds himself in the middle of a deadly conflict raging between a tyrannical crime boss, and the peaceful town that he has under his thumb. But when Dao realizes that Ahn, the beautiful monk warrior who fled the Emperor’s army is living a secretive new life there, Dao must choose between upholding his oath to the Emperor, and fighting to preserve Ahn’s cherished town.

Starring Dustin Nguyen, Thanh Van Ngo, Roger Yuan, Thai Hoa, Ngoc Diep, Hieu Hien, and Phi Thanh Van.

The film lands on DVD courtesy of Lionsgate this July 1st. You can pre-order a copy at here.

Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013) Movie DVD Cover