One Armed Swordsman Remake

South Korea has been turning out some crazy movies lately (I can’t wait for North Korea to develop a film industry and see what the heck they come up with*), and most of the ones I’ve seen have been pretty darn awesome. That said, I’m anticipating this next project with some skepticism. I’m sure you all remember the Shaw Brothers classic from the sixties famous for being the first wuxia film to give us buckets o’blood. Well, the Koreans think they can muster up a decent remake and I’m thinking that they just might screw this one up. See, Korean filmmakers seem to possess a better sensibility toward either drama and just plain crazy stuff. Anything involving martial arts of swordfighting that came out of Korea left me wanting, the films just didn’t have that Hong Kong charm, or that Japanese irreverence.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Korean cinema. ‘OldBoy’, ‘Friend’, ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring’ are just a few of some of the great movies to come out of that country, but when it came to just plain kicking butt, movies like ‘City of Violence’, ‘The Warrior’ and a few others just felt staid. I’ll take Hong Kong for fight choreography, and Japan for blood spurting, and let Korea take care of the drama and weird stuff…

Anyway, the remake of ‘One Armed Swordsman’ will be produced by Korea’s Sidus Productions and Celestial Pictures and it’s set for a $10 mil budget (meh). Release date is set for sometime in 2010.

*Sarcasm, in case you didn’t know…

Obviously, this is my good arm...jerk

Obviously, this is my good arm...jerk