One Image from Telltale’s Upcoming The Walking Dead Video Game

Although checking out this tiny little picture from Telltale’s forthcoming “The Walking Dead” video game is kind of cool, it doesn’t help calm my nerves regarding Frank Darabont’s departure from the series. Still, the idea of playing an episodic video game set in this zombie-laden universe is kind of cool, even if it is being released in small, bite-sized chunks. I’ve been happy with Telltale’s output thus far, so I have no worries that they’ll handle the material with care.

Here’s a chunk of the press release if you’re interested:

Telltale’s adventure game won’t be a retelling of Rick Grimes’ comic adventure. Instead Telltale has gotten approval from Image Comics to expand the series’ existing fiction. While some of the comic’s side characters likely won’t make an appearance, the main focus on the game will be a man named Lee, a convicted criminal whose escort vehicle is attacked during the zombie outbreak. The zombie apocalypse may have freed Lee from a life in prison, but given the state of the world, he might have been better behind bars.

During the chaos Lee befriends a young girl named Clementine. Having both lost their families, the two form a pact, hoping to help each other survive in this post-apocalyptic world. While this isn’t a remake of the comic series, fans can expect to get more backstory for characters from the comic, like Glenn, and see places like Hershel Greene’s farm before the events that changed them in the comics.

The first installment of the game hits 360, PS3, PC, and iPad later this year. The first screenshot, as well as a bit of promotional artwork, resides below.

Source: Dread Central