One Jack Deserves Another: Jack Bender Possibly Directing Jack Ryan Reboot

Jack BenderMan, it seems like we’ve been hearing and talking about this Jack Ryan reboot that Paramount is itching to do for a while now. After a lot of fits and starts, including Chris Pine coming onboard a while back as the new, younger Jack Ryan, and a parade of directors coming and going (including, at one point, Sam Raimi) it seems like Paramount have finally found their director in Jack Bender (left), one of the executive producers and regular directors of the “Lost” TV show.

At least, that’s the current word from Vulture, who says that Bender is “a cat’s breath away from landing the job” of directing Ryan’s return to the big screen after four previous outings, which includes three actors in the Jack Ryan role preceding Chris Pine. Maybe they should get Ben Affleck to direct, thus completing the transfer of one Jack Ryan to another.

In any case, in the reboot, currently going under the title of “Moscow”, Pine will play a former Marine Jack Ryan, whose first civilian gig takes him to Moscow where he goes to work for an eccentric Russian billionaire and finds himself implicated in a terrorist plot. Our hero must go on the run from bad guys and the authorities to clear his name. Sucks to be you, Jack Ryan.

Run, Jack Ryan, run from the evil Russian men with bad Russian accents!