One Last Trailer for Director Zhang Li’s Moonlight Savage

Savage Moonlight (2012) Movie Image

In just two days — May 4th, 2012, you know, just in case you’re reading this from the future — director Zhang Li’s stylish action/adventure flick “Moonlight Savage” (aka “Mystery Fobber”) will arrive in Chinese theaters. So the trailer you see embedded below, the one that actually gives you a pretty good idea of what in the hell is going on, has arrived just in the nick of time. And thank God for that, right? I mean, I probably would have watched it regardless, but it’s always nice to know what to expect. After all, a man cannot live on mystery. Actually, he can, but I’m thankful for the coherence nonetheless.

“Moonlight Savage” stars Xing Jiadong, Yao Lu, Yano Koji, and Li Yu. I’d love for this thing to get an English-subtitled DVD sometime in the near future. And the nearer, the better.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second