One More Trailer for the Jackie Chan Epic 1911

Jackie Chan in Harper's Bazaar

I know what you’re thinking: Step away from the computer, stop thinking about Jackie Chan’s “1911”, and go get some sun, for crying out loud. And, for the most part, your suggestions aren’t grossly inappropriate. However, this isn’t going to stop me from posting yet another trailer for Jackie’s Chan’s “1911”, which, as you well know, is also his 100th film. Since you’re probably painfully aware of what this film is all about, I’ll skip the synopsis and jump right to the trailer.

As an added bonus, check out the photos of Mr. Chan from the Chinese edition of Harper’s Bazaar. They’re kind of cool. Assuming, of course, you give a damn about men’s fashion and/or Jackie Chan. Otherwise, you might find the imagery to be a little dull.

Source: Twitch / Film Smash

Jackie Chan in Harper's Bazaar

Jackie Chan Harper's Bazaar Cover