One Nasty Little Trailer for Joe Chien’s Zombie 108

Zombie apocalypse? Check. Loads of people with automatic weaponry? Check. A metric ton of squishy violence? Check. Naked women in perilous scenarios? Check. Inappropriate sexual situations? Check. Judging from the marks on my checklist, it would appear that Joe Chien has included everything you could possibly want from a horror flick with his upcoming undead epic “Zombie 108”. Fans of over-the-top zombie-related mayhem will eat this one up, especially if you enjoy sprinkling a little powered depravity on your terror.

Here’s a handy synopsis, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop:

The nuclear disaster that Japan suffered accidentally alters the genes of the influenza virus. A group of young people get infected and haven’t paid any attention to their illness, until a boy surprisingly bites a girl’s throat in a drunken night out. Their friends start screaming at the gushing blood.

After a viral event, the government orders to quarantine the sick and evacuate all residents in the vicinity. But those drunk party people are not aware of this message. Meanwhile, the army and the police join hands to form a SWAT team to enter the quarantined zone. Those survivors suddenly become zombies to attack the living. In no time, the whole city is film with such huge bloodshed. People from all walks of life – including gangsters, policemen, SWAT teams and the civilians – are willing to work together to escape, but they have hidden schemes to compete with and they may even kill each other. The biggest test in a doomsday is human’s mind.

This one isn’t safe for work, folks, though I suppose you could pass it off as an educational video designed to inform you and your co-workers about the dangers of zombie outbreaks.

Good luck with that.