One Poster and Several Images from the South Korean Drama Unbowed

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The poster for this upcoming Korean drama is certainly striking, though the knee-jerk coolness of seeing a guy in a suit wielding a crossbow is diminished considerably when you learn this odd little tale is based on a true story. The specifics of the case have eluded me, and the embedded synopsis actually does very little to shed some much-needed light on the plot.

You’ll see what I mean in just a second:

The controversial “Unbowed” dramatizes 2007’s Crossbow Terror Incident between a college professor and a judge. Now in his late 60s, director Chung Ji-young emphasizes that he continues to adhere to his awareness of social problems as he did in his heyday of “Nambugun” and “White Badge”. Chung’s style as a critical realist also remains unchanged. He uses a documentary touch to track and portray how an honest person’s conviction can be marginalized by mass logic. While the director does not lose his critical stance, he avoids agitation and sentimentality. The characters do not represent good and evil; they are not dogmatically idealized or condemned. Chung knows how to maintain dramatic tension. Ahn Seong-gi plays the professor, creating an impression stronger than expected. In many ways, his performance recalls “Silmido”, and his portrayal of private tenacity is first class. The physicality of his silence telegraphs the movie’s theme. Nah Yeong-hee’s realistic performance as his wife, Park Won-sang’s as the lawyer, and Kim Ji-ho’s as a reporter also lend the film increased authenticity.

Confused? You’re not alone. Although it remains to be seen how, exactly, director Chung Ji-young intends to tackle the material, it’s probably safe to say that the film will be fairly melodramatic. In fact, count on it. “Unbowed” opens in South Korean on January 19th, 2012.

The goodies you seek await your attention.

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  • Qinglong

    I’ll watch Ahn Sung Khi (or Ahn Seong-gi as spelt here) in anything. Superb actor.