One Seriously Schizophrenic Trailer for the Bloody Slapstick Comedy Siruthai

If you never thought you’d want to watch a movie that boldly attempts to blends broad slapstick comedy, extreme violence, and some really surreal dance numbers, then you probably haven’t watched the trailer for for the upcoming Tamil actioner “Siruthai”, which stars popular Kollywood actor Karthi in two distinct roles. And while I generally tend to shy away from any motion pictures that incorporate a zany dance sequence for no good reason, I must admit that the embedded clip you’re about to watch has seriously captured my curiosity. It’s worth noting, however, that the film is a remake of “Vikramarkudu”, an extremely popular 2006 Telugu filck directed by SS Rajamouli. But we won’t hold that against “Siruthai”. Not yet, anyway.

Here’s a plot synopsis courtesy of Filmy Friday:

Karthi will play the role of a pickpocket named Rocket Raja while the other character will be IPS officer Rathinavel Pandian. The film revolves around a small time thief in Chennai who along with his friend Pattu Poochi (Santhanam) are indulged into petty thefts. He becomes completely perplexed when a small girl claims him to be her dad. Later he realizes that he has identical looks of Rathinavel Pandian, who has been the savior of innocent villagers of Devipatnam, but with an unaccomplished mission of putting an end to realms of baddies.

Now the two contrastive protagonists make sure of bringing light into the lives of villagers suffering from the gruesome tortures of baddies.

Via Kolly Talk