One Teaser Trailer and a Very Long Synopsis for Eriko Kitagawa’s I Have to Buy New Shoes

Generally speaking, I don’t do romantic comedies or romantic dramas. They just don’t settle very well with me. I keep expecting a gunfight or a martial arts sequence to break out, and I’m often very disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Even though I’ve learned to keep my expectations under control, my love for visceral action and elaborately staged fight scenes simply cannot be contained. And while I seriously doubt there’s anything of the sort in writer/director Eriko Kitagawa’s “I Have to Buy New Shoes”, I’m still strangely drawn to the film for reasons I simply cannot explain. Am I going soft? Yikes.

Here’s a short but effective synopsis from AsianWiki:

Freelance writer Aoi Teshigahara (Miho Nakayama) lives in Paris, France. Sen Yagami (Osamu Mukai) is a photographer who came to Paris, France due to his younger sister Suzume’s (Mirei Kiritani) insistance. Over the next 3 days, Aoi Teshigahara and Sen Yagami fall in love. Meanwhile, Suzume meets her boyfriend Kango (Gou Ayano), whom they have been in a long distance relationship.

If you’re looking for something meatier, consume this:

Photographer Sen is to accompany his younger sister Suzume on a sight-seeing trip to Paris, having been told that he is along for good luck, but not being given a reason. Once they arrive in Paris, however, Suzume suddenly announces she needs to be on her own, and abandons Sen.

Lost and unable to find his way back to their hotel, Sen wanders the streets of Paris. He drops his passport, and Aoi, a freelance writer living in the city, steps on it. She breaks a heel which Sen fixes with crazy glue, then gives him directions to the Japanese embassy and a business card.

It will apparently take some time to have a new passport issued. Suzume is not answering her phone, and Sen does not know the name of their hotel. Lost and alone, he uses the business card to contact Aoi. Even though they have only just met, for some reason they find themselves talking easily on the phone. Sen invites Aoi to dinner.

Aoi gets drunk, and Sen sees her safely home, then remembers he doesn’t know where his hotel is, and stays at her place. Two people encounter each other by chance in Paris. Is it attraction between them, or are they just seeking solace from loneliness? Many thoughts race through their minds; from this day in Paris on, their lives will never be the same.

If, like me, you find yourself inexplicably drawn to “I Have to Buy New Shoes”, as well, perhaps you will enjoy the teaser trailer embedded below. The film opens in Japan on October 6, 2012.

Via : Film Smash