Ong-Bak 3 (2010) Movie Preview, Images, and Videos

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Starring: Tony Jaa, Saranyu Wonggrajang, Petchai Wongkamlao,Nirutti Sirijanya, Dan Chupong, Supakorn ‘Tok’ Kijusuwan
Directed by: Tony Jaa, Panna Rittikrai
Release Date: May 5, 2010 (Thailand)

The legend of Ong Bak 3 begins after Tien (Tony Jaa) has lost his fighting skills and his beloved stepfather at the Garuda’s Wing cliff from the raid led by Jom Rachan (Saranyu Wonggrajang). Tien is brought back to life with the help from Pim (Primrata Dechudom) as well as Mhen (Petchai Wongkamlao) and the Kana Khone villagers. Deep into the meditation taught by Phra Bua (Nirutti Sirijanya), Tien finally is able to achieve ‘Nathayut’. His talents are put to the test again when his rivals including the Golden-Armored King’s Guard (Supakorn ‘Tok’ Kijusuwan), the mysterious killers in black, and Bhuti Sangkha (Dan Chupong) return for the final massive showdown.

Trailers and Clips

Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer No. 2


U.S. Trailer

U.S. Trailer #2


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