Only the Glendale City Jail can Stop Jack Bauer

With that blasted writers strike having delayed the production of FOX’s 24 Season 7, Kiefer Sutherland has decided now is the time to deal with his DUI arrest and accompanying jail sentence. Page Six reports that Jack Bauer has begun serving his 48-day sentence in the Glendale City Jail, and will be doing so over the Christmas and New Year holidays. The idea seems to be to get the jail sentence out of the way in time to ensure that the production on Season 7 of 24 is uninterrupted. Well, you know, except for this damn strike.


The 24 star was handed the sentence in a Los Angeles courtroom, along with five years probation. He is to spend Christmas and New Year behind bars. He was charged with DUI after being pulled over in Hollywood on September 25 and was found to be driving while three times over the legal limit. Kiefer had a previous drunk-driving conviction in 2004 and was arrested for DUI in 1989 and 1993.

In today’s court hearing, Kiefer was ordered to serve his time in full by March 30. As his hit Fox show is currently sidelined due to the writers’ strike, Kiefer is serving his time as soon as possible and avoid affecting the production schedule. He will be behind bars for the Christmas holiday and will serve the entire 48-day sentence.

I still give Jack Bauer props for doing his stint like a man and not making a circus out of it ala Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Only the Glendale City Jail can Stop Jack Bauer