Only You Can Help Bring the Director’s Cut of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed to DVD

I’ll put this simply — the extended cut of “Nightbreed” is the holy grail of obscure motion pictures. I’ve heard legends about the missing footage for years; were I to actually see the film in its original state, I may not be able to contain myself. Apparently other people feel the same way, as there’s currently an online movement to convince Morgan Creek to release the uncut version of “Nightbreed” on DVD and/or Blu-ray. There’s definitely a market for the flick — I can think of several people that would gladly lay down a reasonable amount of cash to bring it home — but, like most distributors of niche cinema, they’re understandably hesitant about sinking money into something that’s only relevant to a small group of individuals.

What can you do to help? I’m glad you asked! There’s currently a Facebook group called Occupy Midian that’s pushing for the aforementioned distributor to put together a nice collector’s edition of the film that contains the complete version of Clive Barker’s masterpiece. If they want to throw in some nifty extras, commentaries, and what-not, that would be pretty swift, as well. At this point, as long as I finally get to see the uncut version of the film, I’ll be an extremely happy geek. I don’t think I’m that hard to please. And I’m not above begging.

If you have a second, check out the group’s official mission statement:

“Occupy Midian” is the movement to get an extended version of the great film “Clive Barker’s Nightbreed” released onto Blu-ray and DVD. We are here, we are MANY, and we want to buy it!

Please invite everyone that you think might help champion this cause.

This group is to show Morgan Creek, the current owners of the film “Nightbreed”, that there is a high demand for this film to be released in an extended cut as the director and creator Clive Barker originally intended.

“Occupy Midian” was a name thought up by Anne Bobby during an interview with the Clive Barker Podcast.

This group aims to work in close co-operation with the creative people currently restoring the film.

Curious to see some outtakes from Doug Bradley’s dub session for the restoration project? Take a look at the video below. And while you’re at it, gawk at the artwork for the “Nightbreed” video game. I had no idea such a thing existed.

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