Oren Peli is Crazy for Eliza Graves

Oren Peli busted loose with the first “Paranormal Activity” movie, and he’s following that up with another “found footage” movie in “Area 51” which, typical Peli, he’s hiding from the world cause that’s the in thing to do in Hollywood these days. I’m guessing, though, that he won’t be hiding “Eliza Graves”, a film that he’s just signed up to direct, since from all appearances this looks like a pretty straight-forward horror/thriller and not yet another “found footage” flick.

Loosely based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, “Eliza Graves” is about a Harvard Medical School graduate who takes a job at an insane asylum, unaware that the inmates have, literally, taken over the asylum. Welcome to the real world, college girl!

Peli is directing the film for Sobini Films and Icon Productions. Yes, Icon. The company founded and headed by Mel Gibson. A movie about crazy people. I’m just saying.

Joe Gangemi penned the script.

Edgar Allan Poe, hard at work on the crazy angle.