Confirmed: Orphange Director in Talks to Direct Twilight: Eclipse

Well at least it’s not Drew Barrymore. Nothing against Drew Barrymore, but come on — it’s Drew Barrymore! Do you really want the former crackhead from “E.T.” directing your beloved “Twilight” sequel, Twilighters? I think not! So how about the Spanish guy who did the horror flick “The Orphanage”? His name’s Juan Antonio Bayona (pictured, left), and THR says he might be the frontrunner for the gig.

Via THR’s Risky Biz Blog:

The shift would make sense on a number of levels — “Eclipse,” while continuing the romances and love triangles of previous books, does contain a mystery of unsolved murders that protags Bella and Edward seek to solve. (Notably, Bayona’s debut “The Orphanage” also contained a plotline centering on children who had been killed under mysterious circumstances.) It also features battles between werewolves and vampires that could call for a practiced genre hand.

Okay, not sure how the above explains bringing Bayona aboard, but eh, they’re The Hollywood Reporter and I’m typing this in my boxers. It’s polka dot and white, and there’s a ketchup stain on it from last night. But i digress.

Whoever ends up with the directing gig, “Twilight: Eclipse” is scheduled for release in 2010.

Update 3/12/09: Summit Entertainment has officially announced that Bayona will, indeed, be directing the third “Twilight” movie, “Eclipse”.

Update: David Slade will direct “Eclipse.”

Below: A scene from Bayona’s “Orphanage”. So, you want a creepy “Eclipse” or doncha, guys?