Oscar Isaac is Assassin #3 in The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner is going to get sucker punched. Or at least, get someone who co-starred in Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”. Oscar Isaac has joined the cast of the Tony Gilroy movie, and will play “Number 3”, yet another brainwashed assassin ala Jason Bourne. Or in this case, ala Jeremy Renner’s character.

The spin-off movie was written and will be directed by Gilroy, who actually wanted Isaac to play the lead, but was outvoted by the studio who needed, let’s face it, a whiter face for their main lead. Isaac is apparently good enough for a co-starring role, though. Hurray for Hollywood!

Besides Renner and now Isaac, “The Bourne Legacy” will co-star Edward Norton as the baddie, while Rachel Weisz will play the film’s female lead. No idea if that means she’ll be chasing Renner (ala Joan Allen) or helping him out (ala Julia Stiles). As the name implies, “Legacy” will exist in the world of Jason Bourne, but not feature Bourne aka Matt Damon.