Other Super Bowl TV Spots of Note

Dwayne Johnson in Milk Commercial

Not every TV spot of note during the Super Bowl is a major movie trailer. There are also some good ones from the world of TV and just movie-related commercials. Here are a couple you might have missed during all the action.

First teaser for CBS’ “Under the Dome” TV series, based on the Stephen King novel (and oh, go to the show’s official website and enter your address and see what happens):

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in what I initially thought was a trailer for “The Game Plan 2” or something, but turns out it’s just a milk commercial:

I saw a couple of minutes of “Two Broke Girls” a few months back, but it didn’t seem all that funny. Apparently I didn’t really appreciate the show’s, er, talents:

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are Samsung’s “next big thing”. Sort of:

Willem Dafoe shills for Mercedes Benz:

This Bud Lite commercial goes here because it has Zoe Saldana and you can’t go wrong with Zoe Saldana looking sexy in a chair: