Outlander Writers Enter the ZMD

Benderspink’s “ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction” has “Sci Fi Original Movie of the Week” written all over it. It’s another movie about an “elite” military unit sent behind enemy lines to kill something that they eventually discover was unleashed by their own Government in an experiment to create supersoldiers. Now just replace “zombies” with “giant dinosaur” or “half-man, half-bug Mansquito” (or something equally ludicrous) and voila, you have another Sci Fi Original Movie of the Week. Mind you, I’m not saying that Benderspink’s “ZMD” will be that bad or low-grade, especially since they’ve just hired Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain (writers on “Outlander”, which McCain also directed) to pen the project, but it sure has the potential. A part of me hopes that doesn’t happen, but the other part of me that loves campy, ridiculously predictable horror movies hope it does.

From THR:

The comic, created by Kevin Grevioux (“Underworld”), follows an elite team of soldiers sent on a covert operation into hostile territory in the Middle East to stop what they soon discover to be a government-created army of the undead. Benderspink’s Jake Weiner and Josh Feldman are overseeing the project.

Benderspink continues to mine the comic world for material; it has “Y: The Last Man” in development at New Line, “Pet Robots” at Disney and “The Ghouly Boys” at Mandate.

I’d have to see the money Benderspink is throwing at this to get a feel where they’re going with it. If it’s a moderate budget, then we’re definitely looking at DVD fodder here, especially with the seemingly ridiculous premise. If they throw real dollars at it, this could be another “Resident Evil”, which, in truth, just looked better than your average Sci Fi Original Movie of the Week because they had money to burn, otherwise it was a pretty average “military guys go to destroy an experiment gone wrong” movie, the kind the Sci Fi Channel broadcasts about once every other day.

Below: Shockingly, the undead proves to be more patriotic than Hollywood!