Pacino and De Niro’s Righteous Kill Gets a Poster

Via (and here), we finally get the first image from the landmark teaming up of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the serial killer crime flick “Righteous Kill”, and it happens to be a poster. A somewhat “blah” poster, anyway. (But then again, after that badass poster for “The Hurt Locker”, this one just looks like they’re not even trying.) And when the two actors in the movie have their names in almost as big a type as the title, and in such a commanding view? Well, you can practically see the movie ads now. I’ll be shock if we even find out the name of the movie, or the plot, during the first couple of teaser trailers that will eventually show up.

Written by Russell Gewirtz and directed by Jon Avnet, “Righteous Kill” stars De Niro and Pacino as police Detectives pursuing a serial killer. I’m guessing the two good guys will butt heads before teaming up. You know, sort of like how superheroes in comic books always end up fighting when they first meet each other, before they decide to team up and go after the supervillain. I figure it’s something like that. Or maybe not.

Rapping dude .50 Cent co-stars as a pimp or drug dealer or something. Get typecast much, .50 Cent?

“Righteous Kill” is slated for a 2008 release. It’s not much of a summer event film, so I’m guessing early Spring.

The poster:

Pacino and De Niro