Padilha Favors Fassbender for Upcoming Robocop Remake

Blasphemy? That’s debatable. Regardless of how you may feel about the “Robocop” remake, it’s probably going to happen. Insert audible fanboy sigh here. Director José Padilha never passes up an opportunity to spill some beans about the project, which, as we all know, is a good way to get losers like me to spend a small portion of their day blogging about it. While promoting “Elite Squad 2”, Padiha spoke with Brazilian TV channel G1, where he mentioned that “X-Men: First Class” star Michael Fassbender was being strongly considered for the lead. Interesting.

Here’s a transcript, courtesy of Bleeding Cool:

I’ll film Robocop. I’m indeed writing the script, the writer is here with me in Rio, we’ve spent over the last 15 days working together, refining the script.

I’ll be travelling this friday back to LA, bringing this new version to discuss with the studio, and maybe begin with the casting, selecting actors… and the idea is to begin filming in February – February or March. That’s the idea, y’know, we never know in the american movie industry. We’re just delivering the project, but also we depend on the schedule of the actors… it’s tough.

I can’t talk yet, it’s too early to speak, but there are some actors I like. I really like the Fassbender, I’d like to talk to him — I’ll talk to him. There’s a possibility… and there’s a lot of other great actors that would play Robocop. But that’s the idea, to film around January, February, March.

Fassbender as “Robocop”? I honestly don’t have a problem with that. If this thing has to happen, he seems to be the right fit for the role. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess. If you’d like to watch the entire interview, you can do so by clicking right here. However, understanding Portuguese is essential to comprehension.