Pair of Eerie Teasers for the South Korean Horror Flick Parasite Soul (aka Ghastly)

Once again, I’m having an issue figuring out which title to use when referring to a South Korean horror flick. Is it “Parasite Soul” or “Ghastly”? To be perfectly honest, I’m really not sure. Regardless of what it’s called, the pair of teasers positioned are pretty creepy, as is that picture you see directly above this unsightly cluster of words and ideas. Directed by “Iris” mastermind Yang Yun-ho, the film follows the adventures of young lady (Kim Gyu-ri) who uncovers the truth behind a deep, dark family secret. And while that brief synopsis doesn’t suggest anything remotely interesting, the embedded trailers paint an entirely different cinematic portrait. Check ’em out if you’ve got a second or two, especially if you appreciate South Korean horror.

Source: Film Smash