Panabaker and Yoo Join Friday the 13th Remake

Producer Michael Bay’s “Friday the 13th” remake just keeps rolling along, this time adding three new names to the cast: Danielle Panabaker (pictured, below), Aaron Yoo (pictured, left), and Jonathan Sadowski. Panabaker is most known to fans of TV’s Shark show with James Woods, where she plays the daughter of Woods’ character, says Yahoo! News. Aaron Yoo was Shia LaBeouf’s sidekick in “Disturbia”. They join a cast that already includes Jared Padalecki from TV’s Supernatural and Amanda Righetti from The OC. Basically, Bay and company are casting this thing with TV actors to keep down the cost.


Panabaker will play an adventurous, athletic type, whose boyfriend (played by Travis van Winkle, “Meet the Spartans”) is a rich alpha-male type.

Also joining the cast like lambs to the slaughter are Aaron Yoo (“Disturbia”), as a quirky guy who has a tendency to wear his attraction to pretty girls on his sleeve, and Jonathan Sadowski (the upcoming “Spring Breakdown”) as a techie who knows the horrific history of Camp Crystal Lake, the film’s infamous setting

Marcus Nispel, who also helmed Bay’s remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, will be calling the slicing and dicing behind the camera.

Danielle Panabaker in Friday the 13th Remake