Paramount’s Friday the 13th Reboot Finds a Director

Friday the 13th Reboot

Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes are still moving forward with their second reboot of “Friday the 13th.” While I’d love to see these companies put money into an original property — a maverick idea in this day and age, I know — at least the studio has found a guy who could actually bring something interesting to the franchise.

If Paramount is dead set on doing another “Friday the 13th” flick, then at least they tapped “The Signal” co-director David Bruckner to do the job. The filmmaker also helmed the impressive “Amateur Night” segment of the ridiculously underwhelming horror anthology “V/H/S.” Bruckner did a remarkable job bringing a tense and memorable segment to an otherwise forgettable genre experience.

While it’s unknown if David will employ the “found footage” concept that we reported about last year, I’m seriously hoping he decides to ditch that angle altogether. The last thing the world needs is another one of those on-the-cheap horror flicks, especially if it features a horror icon that deserves something much better.

Even if Bruckner fumbles the cinematic ball with his take on “Friday the 13th,” he’ll probably do much better than Marcus Nispel. God, that movie was abysmal. Although the idea of Jason Voorhees as a hulking marijuana farmer with a penchant for digging elaborate tunnels is certainly amusing to his B-movie nerd, it was still a misfire on all levels. Good luck, Bruckner. You’re probably going to need it.

Via : The Wrap