Paranormal Activity 4 Set for Halloween 2012

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Paranormal Activity 4 Made-Up PosterBefore some site claims some “insider” information about how Paramount is already “considering” a “Paranormal Activity 4″, let me beat them all to the punch and say that Yes, Paramount will do a “Paranormal Activity 4″, and it will be set for Halloween 2012.

How can I be so sure without some sneaky studio intern feeding me insider information? One word: $54 million.

That’s how much “Paranormal Activity 3″ made over the weekend in its debut, leaving bigger budgeted new studio films like “The Three Musketeers” and “Johnny English Reborn” in its dust. Far, far, FAR in its dust. “Musketeers” couldn’t even clear $9 million, while “Reborn” should have stayed unborn at $3.8 million. In contrast, the $5 million budgeted “Paranormal Activity 3″ had the biggest opening in franchise history, bettering part 2’s $40 million by a good $14 million.

So yes, “Paranormal Activity 4″ is coming in Halloween 2012. They have an entire year to come up with another goofy excuse for some no-name actors to run around with a camera recording strange happenings around their house.

It’s such easy money, it should be criminal.

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    they have the perfect recipe for movies. Make them so shitty, that when you make a sequel, people can’t help but see it in hopes that it will be better.

    That’s how I was tricked into watching Part 2. I said there was no way it could be as bad as #1. Man was I wrong!