Paranormal Activity Heads to Japan in Tokyo Night Sequel

Not to be mistaken with the upcoming “Paranormal Activity 2” that’s due out on Halloween of this year, this is apparently a completely different movie, a spin-off sequel if you will, that will take the franchise to Japan. (You know, sorta like a reverse “Grudge”, where the franchise came to the U.S.?)

STYD says the spin-off sequel will center around a foreign exchange student visiting San Diego, who unwittingly brings the demonic presence that haunted the first film back to Japan with him. The story will be told via the student’s video recordings.

I got $50 bucks that says a chick with long hair shows up at one point.

Toshikazu Nagae (an old hand with ghost movies, including 2002’s “Ghost System”) will direct, and Aoi Nakamura (“Beck”) and Noriko Aoyama (“Legendary Assassin”, below) will star.