Paranormal Activity Not so Original After All? Check out In Memorium.

Apparently shooting scenes around the house with a home videocamera and calling it a horror movie in the guise of a faux documentary is not so original after all, though Paramount Pictures and director Oren Peli probably would like you to keep thinking it is. Not so much, as it turns out. Director Amanda Gusack wrote and directed a little 2005 movie called “In Memorium” that uses the same faux documentary style as “Activity”, though the two film’s plots are admittedly different enough to be original works that just happens to share a similar shooting gimmick.

Gusack’s “In Memorium” played the festival circuit, but never found itself a distributor. That might change after this week, thanks to some pro-active work by Gusack to get her movie out there. Obviously yeah, Gusack is hoping to ride the coattails of “Paranormal Activity”, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

On July 27, Dennis Wade was diagnosed with terminal cancer. On September 25th, he began to document his illness. On September 27th…the cameras recorded something else.

The trailer is actually pretty spooky and gave me the willies. The film stars Erik McDowell, Johanna Watts, Levi Powell, Mary Portser, and Doris Weldon. Trailer and some clips from the movie below. Find more info at the film’s official site and Myspace page.

But don’t cry for Gusack, she hasn’t done too badly for herself. She recently wrote and directed the crime thriller “The Betrayed” with Melissa George and Oded Fehr.


Dennis Reveals his Illness:

Dennis Shows Lilly Footage:

Lilly Sees a Ghost: