Paranormal Activity Sequel Gets Writer, Saw Director

Hoping to recapture some of the magic of Oren Peli’s micro-budgeted “Paranormal Activity” (the $15,000 film went on to gross over $151 million worldwide), Paramount has tapped TV writer Michael R. Perry to script a sequel to the faux horror documentary and Kevin Greutert to direct. Greutert made his directorial debut on last year’s “Saw 6”, which didn’t exactly light the box office, though it still made $31 million, and apparently that’s more than enough for Lionsgate to schedule a “Saw 7” for this year. Ironically enough, Paramount has also scheduled “Paranormal Activity 2” to open on Halloween 2010, the same time as “Saw 7”. You can’t blame them; considering the lackluster showing of the last “Saw” sequel, the horror franchise may be on its last legs, and will probably get crushed by the “Activity” sequel.

Meanwhlie, Oren Peli, who directed the first movie, will produce the sequel. What does that mean, exactly? Not much, except that he’ll get paid. Otherwise, Peli seems to have moved on to bigger and (possibly) better things with his “Area 51” movie. Plot details for the “Paranormal Activity” sequel, of course, are under wraps. For now.

Must get out of bed...make pointless sequel...CHA-CHING?