Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night Trailer Asks: Why Can’t Our Theaters be Full of Cute Japanese Girls, Too?

By now you’ve already heard: aside from the American sequel to “Paranormal Activity”, there’s also a Japanese sequel, called “Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night”. Here’s the trailer, which goes the trendy “See how scared these people are? You’ll be scared, too!” route by way of trailer introduction. And go figure, apparently you can take your blanket to Japanese theaters. Genius! (Plus, Japanese theaters are apparently al fill to the brim with cute Japanese girls. Ticket, please!)

“Tokyo Night” is a sorta sequel to the Oren Peli original, and follows a Japanese couple (Aoi Nakamura and Noriko Aoyama) haunted by an evil force after it follows one of them back from a trip to the States. See, this is why I stay away from the haunted locales. Tourist, man, they never learn.

Toshikazu Nagae directs.