Paris Hilton in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes?

Is Guy Ritchie’s re-imagining of the Sherlock Holmes character about to get a whole lot worthless and skanky? Yes, if the British tabloids are correct, and celebritard Paris Hilton is added to the cast as she’s been telling people. Or at least that’s what the British tabloids are saying, via the boys over at SlashFilm, which basically means this is one of those “Psst, you know what I heard?” type of rumors, and should probably be dismissed out of hand. After all, Paris Hilton is a woman who has gotten famous not because of any apparent talent for any one thing, but because of night vision and, well, you know.


Could Paris Hilton have a role in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes? UK Gossip magazines (we can’t find the initial source) are reporting that Hilton spoke to the director when she visited his London pub The Punchbowl. Hilton was quoted as saying: “I had a few words with Guy. He could be offering me a role in his new ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie.

As I said, dismiss this news. So why post it anyway? Well for one, it’s a slow news day, and it gives me an excuse to post the image below. Worthless attention whore or not, Paris Hilton is certainly “hittable”, as the kids would say.

Below: Paris Hilton is the worthless and untalented one in the foreground, not the worthless and untalented one in the background.