Park Chan-Wook’s Vampire Film Finds its Leading Lady

South Korean director Park Chan-Wook was apparently having a lot of trouble finding a leading lady for his vampire movie (tentatively titled “Evil Live”), mostly due to the film requiring a healthy amount of sex and nudity from her. Now it appears as if Park has finally found someone willing to strip for her art — “Dasepo Naughty Girls” star Kim Ok-bin, a former model turned actress.

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The spotlight had been on just who the female star would be. The part involves many adult scenes alongside male heart throb Song Kang-ho, who claimed the main role in the international hit film “The Host.”

“Evil Live” or “Bakjwi” in Korean is a melo-horror film of a human-turned-vampire’s affair with a married woman.

Director Park, known for his award-winning film “Old Boy” and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”, says he chose Kim for her unique talents that allow her to assume a vast range of characters.

Shooting for the erotic vampire movie stars in March. I’m guessing you can expect to see a whole lot of the lady below in the film (minus the clothes).