Park Hoon-jeong-I’s The Showdown Gets an English-Subtitled Trailer

I don’t care if you call it “The Showdown” or “Bloody Fight” — “I Saw the Devil Scribe” Park Hoon-jeong-I’s upcoming action epic looks pretty darn snazzy if you ask me. Given how much I’ve enjoyed the writer’s previous efforts, I’m almost positive that his highly-anticipated directorial debut will deliver the cinematic goods. I’ve been wrong in the past, of course, but I’ve got a really positive feeling about this one. Here’s hoping my intuition isn’t malfunctioning this morning/afternoon.

For those in need of a plot synopsis, here you go:

In the 11th year of Kwang Hae-gun, Jo-seon soldiers go to war with China after an invasion. In the middle of Manchu, three soldiers who have barely survived are cornered by the Chinese forces, and begin a bloody battle not with their enemies but with each other.

Via 24 Frames per Second