Parrrrrr-tay! It’s the Project X Trailer

Project X (2012) Movie Image

I know what you’re saying. “Um, what’s ‘Project X’?” Well, it’s a movie called “Project X”, starring no one you’ve ever heard of (but produced by Todd Phillips of “The Hangover” and “Old School” fame, which at this point seems to be it’s one big selling angle), shot in “Paranormal Activity”-style, which is to say, another found footage movie. But no, it’s not a horror movie. Unless, of course, you consider teenagers thrashing their parent’s house just so they can be cool to be horrific, in which case, yes, it’s pretty horrific. It’s a little hard to get a handle on the film’s tone, though the official plot synopsis (below) claims it’s an “out-of-control comedy”. I see a lot of out-of-control stuff happening in the trailer, but not a whole lot resembling “comedy”. There seems to be a healthy dose of hot dancing girls, though, which is always a bonus.

“Project X” is an out-of-control comedy that follows a group of buds who set out to throw the most epic 17th birthday party ever. The film documents a high school party that gets completely out of control, shot from the perspective of the digital cameras that the kids have with them.

Starring Thomas Mann, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Oliver Cooper, Dax Flame, Miles Teller, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Nichole O’Connor, Alexis Knapp and directed by Nima Nourizadeh.

Partyin’ hard March 2, 2012.