Patrick Stewart Demonstrates the Art of the Quadruple Take

Patrick Stewart

I don’t know Patrick Stewart personally or anything. I’ve never met the man. Have never come close to meeting the man, but every time I see Stewart on something — a talk show, on a fan chat, convention videos, whatever — he always comes across as someone who completely appreciates his fans. You would think an actor appreciating his fans is a no-brainer, right? After all, your fans are what keeps you employed. But then you wouldn’t know a lot of actual actors.

Stewart, who has no shortage of work (big time and small time and everywhere in-between) always seems down for a little fun and games, even at the expense of his “Star Trek: The Next Generation” starship Captain. Which is why he’s always been my favorite Enterprise Captain. Easily. By a LONG mile. The others don’t even come close. I can barely stand Shatner’s Captain, and the others? Eh, okay, but they’re no Patrick Stewart.

All that is to say, here’s Patrick Stewart taking time out from doing whatever he was doing before they rolled video on this to carefully explain the art of the quadruple take. You’ve heard of the spit take? The double take? Well, this is the quadruple take.

Please to enjoy. (via Topless Robot)

Bonus video: