Patrick Tatopoulos to Direct Eco-Horror The Colony

It’s a horror movie as envisioned by Al Gore. Or something like that. Anyways, Heat Vision reports that “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” director Patrick Tatopoulos, last seen orchestrating the beginnings of the vampire-werewolf war, has signed on to direct the eco-horror movie “The Colony”.

Why eco-horror? Apparently it’s a horror movie with a ecological bent. Cause hell, why would genre fans just want creatures ripping into human prey when they can get, you know, a healthy dose of environmental awareness along with it? Cause that’s what horror fans are, you know, ecologically aware. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

In any case, the premise still sounds like fun times. “The Colony” will revolve around a group of survivors forced underground by the next Ice Age. But that’s not the end of their travails. While trying not to freeze their butts off and thus extinguish the human race, the survivors must also fight a dangerous threat lurking in their new underground home.

Isn’t it obvious what that “threat” is? Duh. It’s obviously Man Bear Pig.