Paul Anderson Writing Resident Evil 4 Soon

Apparently “Resident Evil 4” has gone from a “maybe” to a “probably”, at least if Paul W.S. Anderson has anything to say about it. Not all that long ago, Anderson went public with the news that he was currently talking to the studio about doing a fourth “Resident Evil” movie, but that nothing had come from it. Yet. That appears to have changed. Anderson, currently in the UK promoting his futuristic remake “Death Race”, is saying that he will begin writing “Resident Evil 4” very soon.


Paul W.S. Anderson was recently in the UK promoting his new film their Death Race. While he was talking to the Sunday Sun he mentioned, “I’m writing an adaptation of the Long Good Friday right now, set in present-day Miami. Then I will probably write Resident Evil 4.”

Of course, this is either good news or bad news, depending on how you approach movies with the name “Paul W.S. Anderson” stamped anywhere around it. I happen to think the man has a lot of talent, but that he always finds ways to, well, stop just short of being really, really good. All of his movies have the same potential, but for one reason or another, they just never seem to get over the hump.

In any case, “Resident Evil 4” is probably on the way. There’s just no good reason not to do it, especially considering the box office take of the previous three films. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the last movie, in particular the seemingly “passing of the torch” subplot from Alice to Claire that, in true Anderson fashion, didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Below: “So, ah, what’s the deal with the ‘passing of the torch’ there, Milla”?