Paul Andrew Williams NOT Directing 28 Months Later

Earlier this month, Arrow from Arrow-in-the-Head had news that he might know who would be stepping into the director’s chair for the latest “28 Days Later” sequel, tentatively titled “28 Months Later”: one Paul Andrew Williams, whose most recent film was the British horror flick “The Cottage”. Not so much. According to Fangoria, while Williams was indeed involved for a time with a “28 Days Later” sequel, it was actually the director pitching ideas for a prequel, but since the producers didn’t go for Williams’ idea, it’s a moot point. So who will be directing yet another “28 Days Later” sequel? It’s a very familiar name, indeed…

Via Fangoria:

Williams’ idea, [producer Andrew Macdonald] reveals, was not a sequel but a prequel to the two existing films, and was one of a handful of different story ideas that had been considered in the wake of WEEKS. “We’re still looking at various concepts. Danny [Boyle, director of DAYS and a producer on WEEKS] has an idea which we’re exploring,” Macdonald continues. “It’s at a very early stage and the idea’s very loose, but it would be great to make a another film. I would love to make a trilogy.”

So there you have it. Straight from the producer’s mouth. Apparently Danny Boyle is still very much attached to direct, or at least write the third “28” movie, which is probably the best direction the franchise could make at this point. God knows the last one was so pointless as to make Boyle’s original look like a masterpiece in my eyes, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of “28 Days Later” to begin with.

But if a sequel must be made, going the “28 Months Later” route would be the best course of action. Why go back to a prequel? Keep going forward. What happens 28 months after the start of the infection? That’s what we want to know.

Below: Run to the “28 Days Later” sequel, don’t walk.