Paul Bettany’s Priest Now Delayed Until 2011

Well this sucks. As I mentioned in my review of “Legion”, I totally dug Paul Bettany as an action hero. His second shot at big-time action hero glory is the upcoming “Priest”, which Bettany stars for director Scott Stewart, who also directed him in “Legion”. According to Comingsoon, I’m going to have to wait a little longer for “Priest”, because Screen Gems has delayed the film from its previously-announced date of August 20 to January 14, 2011. So what’s the cause of the delay? 3D. The film is now going to be released in 3D, which means the movie has to go through a conversion process once it’s finished.

“Priest” will find Bettany playing a warrior priest in a post-apocalyptic Earth who hast to hunt down a gang of vampires led by Karl Urban that have kidnapped his niece.

Paul Bettany vs. the 3D fad. Paul didn't fare so well.