Paul Giamatti To Join The Hangover 2

Paul Giamatti is going to join the cast of Todd Phillips’ “The Hangover 2”. Currently filming “Too Big To Fail” for HBO, the “American Splendor” star will meet the rest of the cast and crew in Thailand in a few weeks.

That’s really all the news about that for the moment. There aren’t any details about his role, but this feels like a good fit and a good addition to the cast of any comedy. Giamatti is widely respected as a dramatic actor, but he is also funny as hell. For Christ’s sake, he voiced a character named Dr. Satan, he has to have a twisted sense of humor, and he was hilarious in a recent episode of “30 Rock” as a schluby, love lorn tech guy. More than this, I’m excited that he is going to voice Franky in the upcoming adaptation of “The Goon”. He’s absolutely perfect for that part, and I’m sure that he’ll also add a nice new wrinkle to “The Hangover 2”.