Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon are, er, Bourne Again

Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon on the Bourne set

Matt Damon may be known for a lot of things, but let’s face it, the “Bourne” films are his most profitable by a long stretch. Three films in, and that franchise has grossed what, over a few bazillion dollars? Or thereabouts.

So it’s no surprise Universal is really hot to get Damon back in the CIA-themed series, and according to Deadline, it’s going to happen. The site says the studio has now “begun making deals” with not just Damon to return for a fourth Bourne film, but with director Paul Greengrass as well.

Greengrass and Damon teamed up for two of the four Bourne movies — the second and third one. Most people probably forget that Greengrass didn’t also direct the first. That was “Edge of Tomorrow’s” Doug Liman. And the fourth movie, of course, was Damon-less, though his character Jason Bourne did get plenty of mentions.

Speaking of the fourth movie, now that Damon and Greengrass are back, what will become of the Aaron Cross saga? Cross, as you’ll recall, was the star of the fourth Bourne film, “The Bourne Legacy.” Played by Jeremy Renner, Cross was supposed to return in a sequel of his own with “Fast and Furious'” Justin Lin directing. That film, it would appear, has been put indefinitely on the back burner, with Universal slotting the Damon-Greengrass re-teaming for July 16, 2016 — the Cross sequel’s supposed release date.

So goodbye Aaron Cross, and hey there, Jason Bourne, welcome back!

Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton in The Bourne Identity (2012) Movie Image

“Sorry, Jeremy, but Matt Damon is coming back. You gotta go, man.”