Paul Greengrass’s Fantastic Voyage has Come to an End

Director Paul Greengrass in Green Zone (2010) Movie ImageYou know what, I never did understand why Paul Greengrass, with his shaky cam and cinema verite inclinations, would be directing a big-budget Hollywood fantasy movie like 20th Century Fox’s “Fantastic Voyage”. It just seemed so strange. As it turns out, ol Paulie may have thought the same thing, because he’s now dropped out of the project and will instead concentrate on adapting another version of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel “Treasure Island” for “Sherlock Holmes” producer Lionel Wigram and Warner Bros.

Fox’s “Fantastic Voyage” would have been a surefire hit for Greengrass, who after the disaster that was “Green Zone” could have certainly used a big-time movie. Besides the appealing premise of the film (scientists are shrunk and inserted into a dying VIP to save his life from within), the movie comes complete with the biggest name in Hollywood at the moment, James Cameron, who is producing the 3D movie.

Apparently Greengrass never signed on the dotted line to direct, and so he hasn’t really “left” the project, as he was never “on” it in the first place. Now if only Fox can convince Cameron to direct, they can start printing money the next day after the official announcement.