Paul Haggis to Re-Team with Russell Crowe on The Equalizer Movie

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Paul Haggis (left) and Russell Crowe apparently liked working together so much on “The Next Three Days” that they may be re-teaming for a big-screen adaptation of “The Equalizer”.

Crowe has already been attached as star and producer on the film, but Haggis is apparently in negotiations to write the script. Of course, he could also end up directing it in the futue. In “The Next Three Days”, Crowe stars as a husband who hatches a plan to bust his wife out of jail.

“The Equalizer” would be based on the ’80s action-adventure show of the same name, which centered around a former British special agent with one of those shady past named Robert McCall (originally played by Edward Woodward) who ended up in thte States working as a freelance vigilante. You haven’t seen a middle-age British guy kick ass until you’ve seen McCall work.

Never heard of “The Equalizer”? For shame. Here’s the original opening/end theme for the TV show:

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