Paul Thomas Anderson Eyeing Horror Film Next?

How novel is the idea that Paul Thomas Anderson, who is currently rolling in the glory of “There Will Be Blood’s” multiple Oscar nominations, might be contemplating a horror film as his next movie? Well that’s the rumor coming out of Bloody-Disgusting, who got wind of the notion from a “well-trusted insider”, so you know it must be true. Right?


We learned from a well-trusted insider that the brilliant Paul Thomas Anderson – who is looking like a solid contender for an Oscar with his astounding film There Will Be Blood – is seriously contemplating making his next project a HORROR film. As of right now the project is just a thought that has yet to be put down on paper, but hopefully in the next few months or so a decision will be made.

A Paul Thomas Anderson horror flick would probably look something like Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, I would imagine. Not that that’s a bad thing.