Paul Walker as Kyle Reese in New Terminator Movie?

That’s entirely possible, at least according to What’s Playing, who reports that whispers and rumors and other assorted wonderin’s has Paul Walker’s name keep “coming up” as a possible younger replacement for Kyle Reese in a rebooted/prequel/something of the franchise.

As most people probably know already, “Fast Five” director Justin Lin has been shopping around a new “Terminator” movie that would have him as director and the newly available (then unavailable — hello, scandal!) former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the acting saddle as the Terminator. The plot would involve, of course, time travel, with the same cast of characters back, but not necessarily the same actors, since, well, they would all be pretty old by now for it to work, unless the plan is to “de-age” all of them, which would probably be too cost-prohibitive.

Meanwhile, Walker is currently being whispered/rumored as a potential new Kyle Reese. No surprise that Walker’s name has come up. He’s done two movies with Lin, both in the “Fast and Furious” series. Chances are, there’s probably nothing to this, just as there was nothing to that other rumor of Lin getting back together with his other “Fast and Furious” star Vin Diesel for the new “Terminator” movie. When you’ve worked together on more than one project, people just naturally like to think you’re going to keep working together, which of course is unreasonable, but it certainly makes for a feasible “exclusive” movie scoop.

Though the idea of Lin’s “Terminator” going back in time to save the past makes sense, given that the future has been pretty much shellacked by McG’s “Terminator: Salvation”, and if they fubar’ed the past, they could reasonably re-envisioned the future of the franchise ala what J.J. Abrams did with “Star Trek”, which is essentially to reboot the franchise on a “parallel universe” track, thus giving a reasonable explanation (from a nerdy, time paradox/parallel universe point of view) of why Abrams’ “Star Trek” is sorta/not-really canon. And anyways, if Skynet has time traveling abilities, which it obviously has, why doesn’t it just keep sending a slew of killers after Sarah Connor? It’s a machine. It doesn’t get frustrated and decide, “Oh, nevermind!” Exactly.

Hell, if Lin really wants to work again with his “Fast and Furious” boys, he should just make Vin Diesel the new Terminator and Paul Walker the new Kyle Reese. The kids would eat it up.