Paul Walker Parkouring his Way to Brick Mansions aka The District 13 Remake

Paul Walker Luc Besson’s “District 13” movies, like most of the films that come out of the Luc Besson Action Movie Assembly Line (c) is what you would call substance-free fun times. Sure, Besson and his usual partner-in-crime Robert Mark Kamen will try to throw in some “big idea” here and there, but it’ll usually come across as hackneyed and shallow. The two “District 13” movies (aka “Banlieue 13”) were no exception. Mind you, this is me not criticizing Besson’s output. This is me accepting them for what they are.

As you may recall, Besson has announced an American remake of “District 13” for a while now, and it appears he’s finally ready to toss it onto the conveyer belt of his assembly line, with news that Paul Walker is in talks for one of the film’s two male leads. The parkour-intensive franchise will also return David Belle, considered the Godfather of parkour, as the other lead. Belle was one of the two stars of the original french films along with Cyril Raffaelli.

Belle doing what Belle does best:

David Belle in District 13 (2004) Movie Image

Like the French version, the newly titled “Brick Mansions” will be set in the near future, where the poor have been ghetto’ed in the eponymous Brick Mansions. Walker would play an undercover cop who infiltrates the Mansions to retrieve a stolen weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a powerful crimelord. Belle would play a Mansions inhabitant who assists our hero, presumably by doing some insane parkour stunts around what will surely be plenty of high-rise buildings. If Besson stays true to form, look for some conspiracy angle whereby the American Government is generically implicit in the crimelord’s shenanigans.

Besson and Kamen wrote the script for the remake, and the directing gig is expected to go to another as-yet-unnamed Besson protege.

Via : Deadline