Paul Walker Still Parkouring in Banlieue 13 Remake (aka Brick Mansions)

Paul Walker in Fast Five (2011) Movie Image

A year and a half after this project was announced with Paul Walker and David Belle starring, it looks like “Brick Mansions” (a remake of of the French actioner “Banlieue 13”) is finally happening. Or, at least, about to happen-ish.

Deadline reports that Relativity Media has come onboard the remake as a co-financier and domestic distributor for the Luc Besson film, which means “Brick Mansions” finally has the bucks to get building.

The film appears to be a very faithful adaptation of the French original, and would star Walker as “an undercover detective chasing a weapon of mass destruction that was stolen by a drug dealer in the ghetto known as Brick Mansions. He seeks help from the incredibly agile Lino (Belle), who knows Brick Mansions better than anyone and is the only person not cowed by the drug dealers.”

Camille Delamarre, who comes from the Luc Besson action movie making factory (with editing credits on “Lockout” and “Taken 2”), will make his feature film directorial debut on “Brick Mansions”.

Belle was one of the stars of the original film (co-starring alongside Cyril Raffaelli as the cop). The 2004 movie spawn a sequel five years later called “Banlieue 13: Ultimatum”. Belle is often credited with the founding of parkour. What’s parkour, you ask? This: